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January 09, 2011    
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Software Summary

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ExpressionEngine is a Content Management System Software (Open Source) for Linux/Windows servers with PHP/mySQL support created by EllisLab, Inc.

ExpressionEngine Summary

ExpressionEngine is a quality content management system software that is purposely made to construct websites and website contents. The software is a very good choice for small or large scale website projects. ExpressEngine can easily be downloaded online and comes with a certain server requirements needed to run the software including a PHP server version 5.1.6 or better, a MySQL server version 4.1 or higher, a hosting account with MySQL database. Do take note when installing the software that its servers need certain protocols to maximize its use. Furthermore, some familiarization with using FTP is also needed by the user.

ExpressionEngine Features

ExpressEngine offers a wide variety of advantages that include built in features, add-on features, administrative features and security features. The software is created using a very popular Open Source structure called Codeigniter. Codeigniter is a very fast performing application and able to get things done in almost no time. Aside from the standard built in features, additional applications and modules can be downloaded to extend the website’s capabilities. Examples of these include RSS feeds and SEO systems.

Management features such as admin logs, website membership, content search forums, data export module, a list module, MySQL manager and many others are presented in the software. Each management feature helps the user regulate and control the website, its members and its visitors, as well as maintaining order the site system itself.

Another feature is the software’s security. The standard structure of the content management system includes an audit list of trails, a verification system that monitors comments or response being placed on the website, a website content approval module, an email verification system, and a login history system.

ExpressionEngine User Interface

ExpressEngine is well known for being easy to use. The software interface is not very hard to understand and allows easy accessibility to the website’s tools and modules, as well as its internal system codes. An open source software, the user can easily manipulate its PHP codes to produce maximized functions of the website. In any case, working on a website is as simple as navigating through the front end interface. This makes it versatile and easy to utilize by both technical and non-technical users.

The software also has a large community of users who offer help and additional applications. The user can interact with these people easily through the ExpressEngine main website. And the software creates a website that can be very stylish and stimulating to the user, member and visitor alike.

ExpressionEngine Review

With its many features and advantages, ExpressEngine software is a product unlike no other. Many professionals prefer it for the simple reason that it allows them to have full control in the designing of the website and the regulation of its contents. Unlike many CMS that has too many limitations which can handicap the desired design and framework of the user’s website, ExpressEngine offers flexibility that turns an imagined dream website into a created reality.

It is easy to learn by users with no extensive computer programming background; just a simple mouse click is needed to get started. And it can also be easily manipulated by an expert technical user; the syntax codes can conveniently be accessed and edited as preferred by the programmer. The software package can be downloaded through the main website. Furthermore, more features offered are various upgrades and web application and extensions. Other third party add-ons are available from freelancers, coders and developers with both free and fee based applications.

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