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January 09, 2011    
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e107 is a Content Management System Software (Open Source) for Linux/Windows servers with PHP support created by e107 inc.

e107 Summary

The e107 content management system is a software used to develop and administrate websites and portals. It is an open source software, and utilizes PHP scripting language and MySQL database system. One of the best features of this application is that it is theme-based; websites can be created and monitored through the software graphical unit interface, without the need for programming any high-level machine languages like HTML and CSS codes.

This feature makes the entire software package very easy to learn and use, a quality that makes it a very optimal choice for both technical and non-technical users. The application also equips the web developer with every tools needed to build the web page, as well as the utilities to organize it. While many content management systems software available must be purchased, the e107 software package can be downloaded free from the e107 main website, and it can be customized and upgraded.

e107 Features

The e107 CMS software is unique from its peers in many ways. The application helps create a website that meets the needs and wants of its administrator, members and visitors. Aspects of the website visible to the public are controlled by the website owner. These include the internal or external links they visit, the contents presented in the web pages, the menu options, and the news of the events and activities of the site.

The software also provides a lot of privileges exclusive for its members such as a forum module, a poll system, private messaging tools, and a list module. Aside from these, the application provides the website administrator with every essential tool needed to run a website. The e107 program is capable of changing its settings (images, languages, cache systems, etc), regulating user activities and traffic (user passwords, groups, blacklist, etc), controlling published contents (download and upload managers, customized menu and pages, etc), and using tools to maintain flags, inspect and manage files, send notifications, and many others.

The e107 CMS application can also be extended, with an API system that improves the core features of the system while maintaining the code of the system itself. The software package’s extensible items include plugins and themes, short codes, templates, and much more. Many of these are already standard features included when downloading the e107 application. Furthermore, hundreds of other plugins and themes not included in the downloaded product are also available free of charge from the e107 website.

e107 User Interface

The e107 interface is user-friendly, and is extremely easy to understand and operate. The web pages, menus, contents, links, and other features are very accessible and the graphical designs of the icons are very visually engaging. The interface also enables the administrator to regulate and control every aspect of the website without going to the system programming core.

Each of the utilities needed to do so are elegantly and conveniently displayed on the screen, ready for use. The e107 CMS also allows the website administrator to monitor and modify the PHP syntax codes, enabling the owner to uniquely customize the website as preferred.

e107 Review

The e107 software is being upgraded constantly. Every e107 software package is free and contains a vast array of standard features, plugins and themes. Software installation and configuration is easy enough to understand and execute.

No extensive knowledge or skills in high-level computer programming is needed; a fundamental understanding of PHP scripting language is more that enough. In any case, the e107 main website provides a detailed guide on using the content management system, which includes step-by-step and video tutorial. The e107 website also has many active users who act as a helpful community. One can simply visit the main website and check out the forum for comments, suggestions and add-ons.

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