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January 11, 2011    
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Software Summary

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dotCMS is a Content Management System Software (Open Source) for Linux/Windows servers with PHP support created by dotCMS Inc.

dotCMS Summary

The dotCMS is a top notch content management system software that is used to control websites and manage content like media, text, modules and other addons. It is based on Open Source software and uses Java/J2EE. The software system can easily engage website visitors, modify its presence layers, provide an optimal business platform, and integrate and encode many high level programming languages. The dotCMS software performs faster than many of its contemporaries, enabling interactions to be done in a shorter time. The combination of Open Source and Java Script makes it very sophisticated, innovative, and customizable.

dotCMS Features

The dotCMS software presents a wide range of features that are helpful to the website and the user. The CMS application has an image editor that enables the user to edit the website’s photos. Images can be adjusted according to size, hue, brightness, contrast, saturation, orientation, and many other factors. The program can also edit and use images (known as renditions) without storing it to the database of the website.

A clipboard tool is provided to edit these images and it gives the option of storing the photo for re-use. Another feature is the software’s ability to edit website contents inline; articles can be edited without the need to go back to the admin page. The website also provides a host dashboard that offers its owners and users a web venue that contains the site’s statistics, audience activities, and other traffic, as well as the latest developments and fads online.

Aside from these, the application also has the ability to give the website user a detailed report on the website’s content contributors, as well as its other streams of activities and usage. A page caching system enables the web owner to store pages for a certain duration of time. Its search engine optimization systems are capable of finding web contents through long-stringed keywords and meta phrases which are controlled by the page editor. Furthermore, the CMS allows templates containers, and page or content syntax codes to be stored statically, increasing performance of the web page. dotCMS can also be enabled to automatically update the script.

dotCMS User Interface

The dotCMS software is very easy to learn and use through the interface and community but with all scripts past experience and programming skills will make things alot easier. It virtually enables web developers and content writers complete control of the website, without the need for external Java applications. Website users and visitors alike are attracted to the website software’s many qualities like its ability to import files from virtually any source, its engine based personalized content, its ability to make email campaigns and commercial activities, and additional social utilities.

The dotCMS also has a state-of-the-art API architecture and internalized front and back ends that enables to be administrated by many tenant users and to run in many enterprise web servers. And its open source base allows its programming codes to be customized and manipulated easily by the enthusiastic web programmer.

dotCMS Software Review

The dotCMS software application is available for download from the dotCMS website and includes the free community edition and enterprise version, the enterprise version comes with a 90-day trial. This software offered has all the features above plus more.

Recent improvements are many. For example, images and other icons used in the dotCMS’ back end are displayed as web sprites which use two images, thereby enhancing immensely the performance of the website. Another example is that recurring events can now be permanently stored in the website system.

This also increases the speed and performance of the website since individual and expiring event records are rendered unnecessary. The content identifier feature of the CMS can now be used to import contents from external sources while monitoring and editing each batch of incoming data. Another improvement is that the website administrator is now enabled to track web logs made by certain large system functions and operations, allowing the user to be updated with the website traffic. Other improvements include more performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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