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January 11, 2011    
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Software Summary

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Contao (Formerly Known As TYPOlight) is a Content Management System Software (Open Source) for Linux/Windows servers with PHP support created by Leo Feyer.

Contao Summary

Contao is a top notch content management system software created to build and design websites and its contents and applications. The software package includes many advantages that are helpful to the user’s website projects. The product is also a good choice for large website projects since it has various maintenance tools. The Contao CMS software has a standard user management tool, a search engine optimization system and a very powerful back end that is easy to learn and utilize.

Contao Features

The Contao CMS application has many distinguishing features that make it a good software. The program has an innovated editing tool that allows the user to move or copy any content or resource from one page to another using clipboard. Editing multiple files can also be done, as well as restoring the older versions of the websites.

Texts can be formatted with TinyMCE, a text editor and spelling checker utility that is a standard feature of the Contao system. The application also has a website framework strong enough to support multiple and diverse pages and websites with only one tree. The user is enabled to have complete control of the whole website and can regulate each page’s visibility and time and date of publishing.

Its permission system is very strict, allowing the user to control access in many parts of the website. Permission can be given to website member users or groups. Regulations regarding these permissions are controlled by the administrator. Another feature is that the application can upload web forms easily and store the contents to the website database.

This feature can validate the generated form thoroughly and send it to the website. Aside from these, Contao has an SEO system capable of supporting short or long phrases, random searching, and even search phrases that have a logical order. Search indexes are either automatically or optionally installed, and the data searched are cached and stored. Furthermore, it supports the website’s static or liquid layouts and can create unique layouts for the pages.

Templates are available in the Contao software backend. Files can also be uploaded using FTP and stored within the website. In terms of images it is capable of previewing the files in thumbnails or icons. The user is enabled to copy, move, edit, rename or delete any uploaded file as well. With its Atom or RSS feeds, the software supports news archives with its elements, making it good for news and blogging website uses. Each of these news items can be features with many attachments.

Many other features include hundreds of additional modules that are either already integrated in the website or downloadable through the Contao main website, front and back ends that can easily be accessed by the user, and many others.

Contao User Interface

The Contao software interface is extremely user friendly, and uses the technologies of Ajax and Web 2.0 for maximum utilization. Using the software is very easy to learn and understand. Aside from its many rich features, Contao has a front end that is completely template based, and it is can generate XHTML output that meets the criteria of W3C/WAI. The URLs, GZip supports, PDF export tools, and language system are SEO friendly and enables the owner to use the software with relative ease. Contao CMS is very versatile and is a convenient CMS choice for both technical and non-technical users.

Contao Software Review

The Contao application was created by a team that commits itself to the development of website software. The application is easy and enjoyable to use, allowing users to build and administrate websites through the interface or by monitoring and modifying the underlying syntax codes. Many add-ons not included in the standard software package can be downloaded from the Contao main website, and the Contao team and a large community is readily available to answer questions.

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