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January 27, 2011    
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AutoCAD LT is a CAD Software for Windows created by AutoDesk, Inc. Professional 2D drafting to create, documents, and share drawings.

Designing with Top Tools: Is AutoCAD LT One of Them?

AutoCAD LT Product Summary

Any architect, designer or anyone who has done drafting would definitely know what AutoCAD is.  AutoCAD has become a household name, at least in the world of design and drafting.  That may the reason why any version of AutoCAD that is being released annually is highly anticipated and observed for its new features.  The newest release, the AutoCAD LT has managed to include yet new capabilities to its already renowned product. But while the 2010 version of the program was highlighted by the introduction of the ribbon-bar user interface, which meant there was not much of new features, the 2010 version has some new functions that do not only contribute to the style, but also the overall usefulness of the product that would surely be noticed by 2D and 3D users.

AutoCAD LT Features

One of the most noticeable improvements that the latest release of AutoCAD has in its features is its increased support for the PDF format, including enhanced outputs for files in PDF files and the capacity to include a file in PDF format file to any drawing as underlay. Other new features related to this are a new Reverse command (letting you turn the direction of lines, splines, polylines, and helixes around, and a MeasureGeom tool which is a replacement for the former Measure command.

An add-on in AutoCAD 2009, 3D Printing is now a built-in feature in the 2010 version.  The added utility gives you the support in preparing a model, making an STL file, and then mailing the file through the Internet to a vendor specified by the vendor for the file to be printed. The 3D model is then printed and returned to you only after a few days. Prices on producing these models are dependent on the model’s solid volume, with the range coming from $15 up to $25 for every cubic inch.

AutoCAD LT User Interface

The alterations in the user interface of AutoCAD LT 2010 more or less shadow the ones seen in the bigger program, AutoCAD itself.  These changes include an improved ribbon bar (yet again, after all this was the most noticeable improve of the 2009 edition), a tweaked toolbar for Quick Access, and an updated menu for Applications. Moreover, as with AutoCAD 2010, the latest release of AutoCAD LT also utilizes a DWG file format which has also been updated.  If you are sharing work with someone who is still using a previous version, for example the 2009 LT, you would need to save the project as a previous DWG document format by using the SaveAs function.

Autocad LT Software Review

What distinguishes AutoCAD LT 2010 from its big brother AutoCAD is that it doesn’t have the new parametric drawing tools, as well as the 3D modeling functions the latter has. AutoCAD LT is still a 2D software with only limited 3D functionality such as the printing function mentioned earlier and its ability to show 3D models made in AutoCAD. Despite of the program’s limitations, AutoCAD LT is still one of the most popular 2D drafting and detailing programs, and the fact that it costs way less than AutoCAD despite having more or less the same features (save for most 3D functionalities) may be a huge reason why it continues to be patronized.

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