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January 27, 2011    
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AutoCAD is a CAD Software for Windows created by AutoDesk, Inc.

AutoCAD Summary

The AutoCAD 2010 is an effective drawing and design tool that reduces the time it takes to get a final project done. The new parametric drawing and 3D modeling designs provide constraints that take away the need to adjust everything else when one object is modified. The software is an obvious improvement over the earlier AutoCAD versions. It may, however, be a little expensive for users who are not using the software for professional or work-related reasons.

AutoCAD Features

The AutoCAD provides a powerful tool for engineers and artists alike. Through this design and 3D modeling software, the user is able to make use of a direct-to-computer sketching and modeling environment. The AutoCAD 2010 has new parametric drawing tools on offer. These new tools are important because they apply constraints that maintain measurements and relationships even when some of the objects undergo some modification.  The software supports 12 types of geometric constraints. These constraints may also be deleted after they have already been added to the drawing if the designer has changed his mind. On the 3D modeling end, new subdivision surface modeling tools have been added. A new mesh object and some new meshing tools have also been added. These meshing tools can smoothen out some of the objects being modeled using the AutoCAD 2010. With more subdivision surface modeling and meshing tools, the designer is able to create smoother designs. There is no need to limit designs to objects that have sharp edges.  The design software also comes with a new file format, the DWG.

AutoDesk Support

The Autodesk official site provides support in many forms: through blogs, discussions, communities and online documentation. The online documentation and online help cover how to use the software. So, the user does not have to open a huge book to find out how perform a task using the software. The online documentation provides organized answers. There are even tutorials and custom trainings that the user can take advantage of. Each person, after all, has a unique need and learning pace.

AutoCAD Pricing

As with other design and 3D modeling software, the AutoCAD 2010 is very expensive. Users have to shell out a serious amount of money, with $3,995 for the full system. There is also an annual subscription of $450. If the user has previous versions of the AutoCAD software, he will pay a little less when buying the full system. Someone who is upgrading from a 2009 version, for example, will shell out $595. However, a user upgrading from 2008 or 2007 versions will have to pay more than a thousand dollars. Because the AutoCAD, in any version, is quite expensive, it is only recommended to serious designers.

AutoCAD Review

The AutoCAD 2010 is a vast improvement over its predecessors. The new tools introduced will make life a lot easier for all types of designers. The said tools can reduce working time by eliminating the need to make additional adjustments when some changes are applied. There is no need to start from scratch. Using constraints, certain measurements and relationships between objects will stay the same even after one or both objects have been manipulated during editing. Having said all the positives about the new offering from the Autodesk programmers, the price is still very high especially for users who are not going to use the software for professional designing purposes. Some training may be additional expense but may be necessary to fully appreciate the features offered by the software. Still, the AutoCAD 2010 is software that users who seriously want to pursue a career in industrial design must have in his shelf. It cuts down revision time significantly and time is of the essence in any fast-paced industry.

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